Tyranny of Language In Education

In This Piece of Writing The Authoress Discussed The Issue With Logical Arguments and Shade Light Over The Problems Pertaining To The Education Throughout The State Institutions Whom Are Responsible For Conveying Education To Masses ,Among The Many The Medium Is One Of The Burning and Hot Topic To Discuss , She Has Emphasised That The Ones Mother Tongue Should Be Source Of Teaching Specially At The Early Ages of Child’s Because Mostly , It Observed That They Are Great In Picking The New Concepts When They Been Instructed With In Their Own Language and She Also Pointing Towards That English Must Be Thoroughly Taught As Subject Because It Had Became International Language To Chalk out The Routine Business and Multinational Corporations Are Communicating Via That Language of Foreigners …. And Also Pointing Out Towards That State Must Have To Adopt Identical Educational Policy , So The Difference Among Different Classes of Society Could Be Lessened .. Hence For That Purpose The Both Public and Private Educational Entities Have To Sit Together For Attempting of Most Fruitful and Long Lasting Outcomes .



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