Sweetness : 

Millions Of Beings Having Abode

In The City Of Noisiness


Likewise The Others Me Too

Remain In Search Of Peace & Calmness


Meeting Several Pieces Of Artificial Beauty

But Truly Looking For Realness


Nobody Inquiring Anybody’s Difficulties

Everyone Telling Story Of Ownness


Why This Is Happening So

In It’s Form Of Fullness


Because ! Most Of Us Have Bitter Attitude

But Want To Taste Sweetness


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    If I even think for a minute that I have a bad attitude, I stay indoors. There’s enough of this in the world today, and I prefer beauty and sweetness. Sometimes I have to go out, so I polish up my smile, and start the car.

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  2. True but sad. If we can get outside in touch with nature our focus changes and we can once again connect with others.

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