Stumbles :



With In The Spectrum Of Universe Almost Every Being ; Having The Lives In Due Circumstances and Nature Arranges Certain Actions Breaker At Different Intervals , May Its Be “ Human Beings “ or The Tinny Insects ; They Must Have To Obey The Set Principles and To Abide The Rules Of Game , Otherwise They Been Beaten By The Sticks ; If They Follow The Facts , They Be Bestowed With Carts Of Carrots …..

There Are Few ; Whom Have The Wit , To Understand The Puzzles  From Very Beginning , Otherwise Many Have To Memorize The Steps and The Sequence ,

In short They Have Less Capability To Attain The Top Standings At The Initial Stages Of Careers But They Have Hold Upon The Patience & Must Have To Continuous With Their Way of Walk Till The End ; Most Of The Times They Feel That , Now There Is No More Chances To Cross The Victory’s Yellow Strap ; They Face Stumbles At Each Endings But They Never Give Up , Move Forward Throughout The Journey

Pushes Themselves ; Till The Success Touches Their Toes




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  1. Tarun says:

    Nice article. .. Thanks for sharing

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