Nature’s Revenge : 

Never Uses Anyone To Attain The Material Gains ; Never Breaks The One’s Believe , When They Comes To Know That You Only Utilize Them As Ladder’s Steps To Accommodate Your Personal Agendas , For Time Being They Never Made Any Complain About Your Double Dealing Character But Time Moves They Kept Their Emotions At Mute Mode , Laid Their Judgment Over The Nature’s Shoulder , Once Turn Comes Nature Taught You & Returned Your All Ill Intents With Full Margin , So Be Afraid Of Nature’s Revenge , It’s Must Be Severe and Harsh You Couldn’t Be Able To Bear It , So Be Remain Responsible & Trustworthy In Your All Dealings With Humanity ,  As Well As Have An Honest Character With All Blessings of Nature … Otherwise You Been & Your Name Wipedout , May Your Character Been Memorized As Misery To All Other Beings ….


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