Tinny Creatures

Nothing In This Universe Created By Almighty Without Any Purpose .. Each & Every Creature Blessed With Unique Features .. Through Which They Attract The Beings .. Whom Are Surrounded In Their Circles Of Existence ..Every Creation Compel Your Mind To Think & Pay Gratitude Towards Your Lord .. Advise You To .. Always Remain Thankful For His Blessings .. Which Were Bestowed On You .. Despite Of Your Misdeeds & Having Ill Character .. We Always Thinks Out That .. Are Living A Useless Life But Never Trying To Find out The Real Aim Of Our Creation … That’s Why God Have Created Us .. Why He Have laid Us In This Valley .. Which Is Already Full Of His Worshipers & His Real Preachers .. Mine Only Response To This Query That You Never Been .. Not Is .. Shouldn’t Be .. A .. Useless Creature .. You Have To Search Out The Real Objective … That .. Why You Been Sent To This Planet .. Because Of .. To Brought The Smiles & Happiness On Your Face .. As Well As Brought Content Within The Lives Of Your Beloved Ones .. That’s It …


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  1. Well said – some Godly thoughts!

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