کہہ رہا ہے سمندر سے دریا کا سکوت
جس کا جتنا ظرف ہے ، اتنا وہ خاموش ہے
My Nation’s every person wakeup early in the morning wondering here and there for getting the right portion of his or her toil ; but finally unable to feed up his or her belly rightly , instead of having all required skills and arts to convince the boss , he is fail to satisfy his or her master , just for what he begging from؛  only the reason owning resources،  tracks directions and enjoying heavy share of fodder , to whom BOSS or  MASTER (آقا)  handed with ownership of what , for which never ever He tried , just chaired the meetings because His / Her Fore Fathers got the chance to forfeit the tracts of Properties from weaker , whom have less power to deter  the invade of mighty one’s۔
Better Starve Free; Than Be A Fat Slave.
The BOSS (Politicians , Bureaucratic Elites , Bourgeoisie Characters , Feudal Lords And Religious Master Minds ) those know very well ; how to utilize the emotional and sentimental attachments of common men to with specific issues , before the Public they show antagonistic approaches to convince Laymen ; can attain their sides as they can Accomplishes certain , personally centric objectives and getting engaged  different sections of society to fight a tug of war in between them , enjoyed  blood streams making ways by throats of Public , Another astonished fact is behind the Bars or Curtain they (Lords) sharing each other’s bottles and cup of sips , singing songs get mixed with the couples from streets of YOUR’S and Mine’s ; enriched them with sperms of Devils that can contribute to the future Courses and making ways for their successors……
اڑتے ہیں دونوں اسی ایک فضا میں
کرگز کا جہاں اور ہے شاہیں کا جہاں اور
الفاظ کی معنی میں تفاوت نہیں لیکں
ملا کی ازاں اور ہے مجاہد کی ازاں اور
Sorry throughout the party majority of; public offered the Own Offspring’s to Lighten their Late Nights Shows ……. Few have the courage to strike the goat while making damaged to the crop without ; this issue to whom it may belong  , but most of US clapping during the fight of ; Hen And Bull , shouting slogans of proud supporters of: Wining Sides as Spectators do :
Stolen Peoples; Stolen Dreams.
 Ultimately wreckage directing to; our lost glory, at some stage we thinking that it’s not fate which be destined in our hands, or consequences of own deeds as words expressing very well : What You Sow; Shall Reap  It . Besides of all these sufferings , yet we are not ready to speak the truth ; let the others : just start from Your personal aptitude , lets convince personal selves that’s the Old Herbs never Cure the disease of today’s modern life style culture , we have to come up with counterproductive and  Innovative Ideas Solutions , We have to create streams of self esteem pills that could ensure YOUR and MINE respect as well ; as giving courage to speak truth before of Master Or Boss and putting efforts towards the eradicating ,  the Art of Backbiting from the surroundings specially pushed out from the Offices Corridors  , We Have to stop flourishing the skills of ; how hide the efforts of others : In gaining the objectives and stop to use Boot Polishing as Stair to gain the highest rank among peers , As Soon As Possible , for Gaining of collective success or as you and me wants to see House Streets are shining , so we have to stop getting  the favors  of authorities for posting of own springs at Powerful  Seats and stop to suppress the Merit throat and starts to allow the Peasant ‘s Offspring’s to enjoy the Ranks ; what Happens ;  If YOUR less capable  Foolish Childs never chaired the Table room , Furnish Offices , What Happens If He Or She Never attain the Shoulder Touching Meetings with THE So Called VVIP Celebrities , What Happens If YOUR Ugly Boys Have the less courage to beat farmer’s Child in Race , My Dear; I suggest You all : go and just visit the graveyards of Makli   ( Thatta ) Several lords and Kins enjoying deep sleep from Hundreds or Thousands years .
A Nation Is The Same People; Living In The Same Place.
James Joyce
Otherwise with this pace ; with this type of egotistical approach we be never attain collective national wisdom , like prisoners of self-image unable to built such a society where one can enjoy the justices of his or her rights , could achieve what he or she want nothing with ill tactics but by means of genuine efforts or ……….
Be ready for pulling of drowned ship ; just gives you nothing but rusted body so; if you want to sail that rusted ship through the waves of water , You have to start efforts from very beginning for what just prove Your DREAMS are not Slaves to ; rusted ships
جو میری آنکھوں سے خواب دیکھو
تو اک شب بھی نہ سو سکوگے ۔

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  1. Nice
    زید کا پورا نام

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    1. khuhroQadeer says:

      پورا نام تو ہمیں بھی معلوم نہیں ، مجھے شعر عنوان کے حساب سے اچھا لگا تھا تو کوٹ کردیا ۔۔

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