Never Give Up



   کوئی اندازہ ہی نہیں کرسکتا ؛ اس کے قوت بازو کا

نگاہ مرد مومن سے ، بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں ۔



Pieces of bricks can make the edifice of great praise , but who have the courage  to challenge the mediocrity  ; certainly few among us , they have the patience to bear the criticism of every day ,  ( Layman ) I assure you ; he has less mind to make mat  from the bushes , you have to face not only  your surroundings whispers also beat the monster of loneness ; journey of making possible from the notion of impossibility , at the same time you always fight battle with your inner intent  ; that’s shows you ؛ day by day you losing your value in the market , so that’s why you have to add certain features to yourselves , that could be enable to get right price of your own commodity in minutes changing world and can make you relevant to the streams of today’s fast moving globe .

اگر کسی شخص کے اندر خواب مرجائیں تو میرے نزدیک وہ زندہ لاش ہی ہے ۔

قیصر عباس


Let the peoples to consume their minds for gaining nothing but waste their own abilities at the cost of publicity for whom ……….. no one else but only and only YOU , they promote you among masses in shape of negative approaches ; they strengthen , leveling and open the new options to challenge you , that’s he has less courage to make happened something which seems impossible in front  of their paths ……. In lives personally ; they have less to show world and gain praise for themselves , they have nothing to prove their selves ; that how great they are ، but their lives full of miseries and defeats , they mostly let the battle grounds open for an opponent and never pose signs of fight for snatching their born rights ; whole life they blame others for their non serious attitudes ……..NOW they doing nothing but just ORAL labor , only for single notice in gathering of masses ……and expecting same from others to let the BATTLE GROUND open for OPPONENT ; so accept their challenges and continue tries for  moving forward , so they can feel the difference among themselves and YOU ….never give up .

تیری آنکھوں میں بات تھی کوئی

تو مجھے عام آدمی نہ لگا

What’s happen if you loss again and again ; remember your childhood , when made efforts for stand up on your own feet , are you sure about it , no you tries at least to uncountable number ; finally that first step towards your aim , to stand UP on own feet accomplished one day  …. You do not know ; how much you gain and lost through that journey but one thing is precious that taught you stand alone in front gravity force ……… so why today you letting gravity    (  Severity  )   of problems to overcome on YOU , in spite of  courage to defeat them lonely ; why YOU looking for support to strengthen bulwark of own dreams ……… move on , continue your drive to destination and make it possible to enjoy harshness of difficulties ; that’s make coal to take shape of diamond , after all bearings based on centuries tale .


Every person have certain promises to keep ; may they belong to purchase new shoes for younger sister , to buy her new toys as like other Childs have , elder sisters waiting for turn to marry with  , Parents waiting so long for making clap on YOUR success  , mother waiting for proper medical treatment of her curious diseases but getting unnoticed from family members for certain reasons , little brother waiting for new school uniforms to shine among flowers of Kindergarten ( KG ) but at this stage you unable to bring changes in their lives , do not trap  into tides of troubling waters , these waves one day anchor your ship at the safe sea shore , trust your lord he never leave you alone , believe in Azems   (Objectives)   , never lose your heart ; still there is light rays making their ways through dark room , closed from each and every corner  , So never give up .

تمنا کو سینوں میں بیدار کر

جوانوں کو سوز جگر بخش دے ۔



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  1. rothpoetry says:

    A good word of wisdom and hope!


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