Looking at  from a while and noticing her’s efforts to overcome the weight of grains which are beyond her limits but she’s want to brought them to her household just for what ; the offsprings , may be they are at hunger since unbound time speculations , may be few days or few hours but they are vigorously waiting for her because she is the only hope to feed them in such stage of growth , not just one but tenths of attempt she made before mine noticing , dragging again and again never lost the patience , for few seconds she left pulling the pieces of grains and gaining the energy through gazing at right corner for most final and last attempt as she can brought little to her hopes of life ……… now the Ant start moving the wheat pieces with full force …. after the few minutes of battle she made it possible ; which seems impossible just few minutes before single attempt of try ….. she easily left those pieces of wheat grains and think for an other one but she denies all notions of impossibility , just took risk and believe in her potentials then shows the results , whom she’s never thinks about and able to brought ease in lives of her  beloveds ; now with her family , she’s can enjoy the delicious food .

A peep into the lives of human struggles in modern history of resistance , firmly one’s stance over his ideology to how govern the masses and giving them , their basic right which were sanctioned by the United Nation declaration of Human Rights (UNHCR) ; consists of various conventions participated and ratified by almost all member states of UNO , but denied by whites of S.A untill a single man having power of knowledge , skills to defend her country case before the courts of mighty one’s those enjoying supports from inner and outer actors at same time ; but he stood like bulwark before the ferocious acts of Governing elites of state , in that battle of right and wrong he lost his beloved son , never allowed to attend the funeral of , his mother ; when he got freed from jail his daughter turned young , during that journey his wife several times detained and harassed ; his mother at village most of time warned about Mandela’s activism ( A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM ) finally the world saw his efforts brought flexibility among the rude and stiffed Governing elites they accept the demands of masses , stopped the segregation and after decades they enjoy equality notion ,indigenous share the part with the white creature of same God on the earth but struggle of Mandela spot immortal memoir , which lighten the minds till universe exist .



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