Hunger Speaks

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This universe consists of various pieces of lands ; sub divided into continent , countries , tribes and of castes , these possesses one thing in common with huge varieties of differences that is the creature of God the ” Human ” every where demanding the certain ends & wants to enjoy the life with its full spring ; he has needs of cover the body , satisfy his stomach fire and resources needs for establishing the connection between one corner to other planet earth as a his single nest from the begining of the life in universe ; when some have interest to collect the plants different kinds with distinctive colors , so he never bear any obstacle in his way , if any one have differences with his / her point of he will tries best to convince the opponent never took any step back from his / her stance ; he / she can afford prices of his / her dreams to make them reality , will do it . The basics of life are health standards , education levels , communication wayouts and entertainment activities ; literature & of art available  at very cheaper rates in develop countries such as USA , Canada , UK and Japan etc… then of less develop countries like wise South Asian Sub-continent countries , Aferican Union countries : Sudan , Somalia , Burkina Faso , you easily differentiate their life styles , shapes of their faces , skin color and muscles fitness speaks all ; what they have bear throughout the streams of life .

Investment reveals all facts ;that investor never invest in those countries which are with low purchasing power , low saving rates and having low annual income rate , due to low income rates the less develop countries Governments also unable to invest more in human development thats why each and every year they are more lacking behind to meet with set Millennium Develpment Goals ( MDG’s ) from the United Nation Organization ( UNO ) targets . So the future seems to be more dark as of today’s situations in these struggling countries ; this putting serious impacts on the political , economical and social structures of eastern and western develped countries because effected areas residents moving towards these rich portions of world for gaining the better employment and children’s secure future life styles ; thats all creating the troubles on the borders of Europe as well as waving the tides of Austrialian calm waters ; So it is high time for taking steps for addressing the issue with its alarming bells thats must have awaken the sleeping lions but we are thinking just for individual interest not for collective means , So welcome the challanges and findouts the solution out of box thinking or be ready for biggest Human crisis of man history thats may cross the numbers of WWO & WWT , thats could be enough ashaming the humanity …………..


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