September and October Reads ….

Silkworm , Love

For The Silk To Prosper , The Silkworm Had To Die Where There Is Love , There Is Bound To Be Heartache .

Sufi !!!

Whatever happens in your life , no matter how troubling things might seem , do not enter the neighborhood of despair . Even when all doors remain closed God will open up new path only for you . Be thankful ! it is easy to be thankful when all is well . A Sufi is…

Urdu Poetry !!!

Urdu Poetry As The Condition ( Economically ) Changes The Behavior of Surrounded Masses Too Alters …. Round The Clock

Love and Kindness !!!

Love Is Life Line Without Love Your Life Becomes Like A Plant Whom Is Filled With Thorny Branches But When You Have Love and Kindness Among The Relationships Then You Able To Have Peace , Calm and Prosperity Around of You .. So Propagate The Love and Minus The Hate From Your Routine Conversations

Yum !!

Onion & Potato Mix Fried ….

An Indonesian Saying !!

” ada sedikit dibagi sedikit , ada banyak dibagi banyak ” #An_Indonesian_Saying ” When You Have Little , Divide It In Small Portions and If You Have Lot , Divide It In Big Portions “