Karachi’s Winter

Effects of Karachi’s Winter ❄️Wishing The Best Thoughts To All of You , As The Whiles of New Year Coming , May Almighty Brought Happiness Among All’s Life As You Like It ….

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Reading Now … Only Staying Active Will Make You Want To Live A Hundred Years . #Japanes_Proverb


” Always Finish What You Start Man”

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D K Have A Unique Way To Elaborate The Future Paths of World’s Politics and Highlighting The Specific Issues With Available Facts and Figure Along Undeniable References ….

Language of Silence !!

The Most Universal Language Is That of Silence ; We All Use It , But It Is The Most Misunderstood . Najwa Zebian

Ramzan Kareem

The Month of Holy Blessings May In This Month Almighty Gives You All As You Want ❣️❣️