Power !!!

When The Waves of While Been Passed That’s The Time Never Been Returned Back As We Want It To Come Back and Provide Us The Same Reasons For Happiness and Joy , and The Vise Versa … So Believe In You That You Can Do It Despite of The Harsh Conditions … Don’t Depends On…

Nature !!!

Nature Always Open Her Arms To Welcoming You With Over Joys .. Allow You To Share Your Worries With Her Without Any Difficulty … Embrace You With All Your Faults and Never Left You Alone At The Mercy of Tough Tides of Time … When You Feels Heaviness Among Your Moves Take One Step Towards…

Morning Meal !!!

Sunday’s ⛅ Morning Meal With Mixed Egg Potato 🥔 and Star 🌟 Shaped Nugget ….


September and October Reads ….

Silkworm , Love

For The Silk To Prosper , The Silkworm Had To Die Where There Is Love , There Is Bound To Be Heartache .

Sufi !!!

Whatever happens in your life , no matter how troubling things might seem , do not enter the neighborhood of despair . Even when all doors remain closed God will open up new path only for you . Be thankful ! it is easy to be thankful when all is well . A Sufi is…