Single Second …..

Without Aims & Objectives

The Thousands Year Of Life

Is Useless



When You Have Purpose

To Live A Life

Then You ; Don’t Want To Waste A Single Second



There Are So Many

Persons In The History

Whom Have Short Spell To Live



But  ; They Turned

The Course Of History

In Favor of Them



Judicious :



Never Pay Your Head

Towards The Other’s Successes


You May Get More

Just Wait For

Your Turn To Come


He Is Seeing Closely

Each One’s Efforts

He Is Too Judicious


Never Allows Any One’s

Hard Working Days & Nights

To Go ; To Waste


So , Never Give Up

Be Loyal With Your Passion



I Want To ….. !!

I Want To Climb The Hills

I Want To Dig The Mines

I Want To Build The Bridges

I Want To Water The Lands

I Want To Touch The Peaks

I Want To Bread The Birds

I Want To Suck The Seas

I Want To Tear The Treasures




I Want To Play The Poems



Peace & Prosperity