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21 Lessons Is An Exploration of What It Means To Be Human In An Age  Bewilderment .

Thinking 🤔

Gives Novel Ideas to Redecor The One’s Thinking Process and Provides The Opportunity to Relocate Your Priorities …

Less Intentions !!

Sometimes You Captured The Articles Incidentally and Having Less Intentions To Let Them Go Away For The Single While …

Karachi’s Winter

Effects of Karachi’s Winter ❄️Wishing The Best Thoughts To All of You , As The Whiles of New Year Coming , May Almighty Brought Happiness Among All’s Life As You Like It ….

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Reading Now … Only Staying Active Will Make You Want To Live A Hundred Years . #Japanes_Proverb


” Always Finish What You Start Man”

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D K Have A Unique Way To Elaborate The Future Paths of World’s Politics and Highlighting The Specific Issues With Available Facts and Figure Along Undeniable References ….